Professional Affiliations


Linguistics Society of America
American Dialect Society [Program Committee Member 2013-]
Committee on Ethnic Diversity in Linguistics [CEDL: 2003-2007; 2013-]
International Pragmatics Association [IPrA]
International Association of Forensic Phonetics and Acoustics [IAFPA: 2005-2008]
Committee of Association for Women Faculty [AWF]

Editorial Boards

American Speech


American Speech
Anthropological Linguistics
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America

Journal of English Linguistics
Journal of French Language Studies
Journal of Language and Social Psychology
Journal of Linguistic Anthropology
Journal of Pragmatics
Journal of Sociolinguistics
Laboratory Phonology

Language and Communication
Language in Society
Language Variation & Change

NSF (Linguistics, NLP & Anthropology desks)
Israel Science Foundation (Linguistics & Engineering)
Erlbaum, Wiley, Bloomsbury


Book Editor, with Marianna di Paolo. 
Sociophonetics: A Student Guide. Routledge. 2010.

Journal Guest Editor
Language and Communications   42   2015

Journal Guest Editor, with Lauren Hall-Lew
Language and Communications   35(1) 2014

Journal Guest Editor, with Chris Cieri
Language and Linguistic Compass  8 2014

Journal Guest Editor, with T. Purnell. Special issues on accommodation: 
Journal of English Linguistics. 25(2) 2010.
American Speech. 85(2) 2010.

Journal Guest Editor
Language and Communication. 12(3/4).
Journal of Pragmatics. 34(10/11).

Recent Dissertation Committees

Gudrun-Marion Rheiner, Boston University, 2009. A sociophonetic study of two of Boston's most 
enduring neighborhoods.

Thea Strand, University of Arizona, 2009. Identity in NOrwegian language use: An acoustic
variationist analysis.