Work in Progress

(E)=research affiliated with ethnicity, indexicality and linguistic variation
(LVC)=research affiliated with sound variation and change
(D)=research affiliated with disagreement
(A)= research affiliated with appropriate research protocol and archival protocol

(E,LVC, A) Proposed presentation for New Methods in Dialectology XVI, in Tokyo, Japan.
(E, LVC,A) book prospectus to be sent to OUP based on the NSF sponsored workshops at LSA in 2014 and 2016.
(E, LVC) invited paper for  NWAV45 panel on 'Cross Cultural Approaches to Linguistic Variation' - organized by A. Adli and others.  Papers by Greg Guy, Aria Adli, Naomi Nagy, Malcah Yaeger and others. (to become an edited volume)

(E, LVC, A) Presentation in a workshop on Panel Studies: Food for thought and ways forward, held at 2014 International Conference on Methods in Dialectology XV, in NL. To appear as 'Alternative Sources of Panel Study Data' in Panel Studies: Food for Thought, Ways Forward (Organizer and editor: Suzanne Evans Wagner; coauthor Chris Cieri).

(E) Organization of a workshop with Katie Drager on Sociolinguistic Methods for Measuring Attitude Variation, and presentation,  held at ICLASP in Hawaii, 2014. (Papers by Pharao, Higgins, Drager, Yaeger)
(E, LVC) Linguistic salience as a measure for the analysis of social attitudes - Cece Cutler, Andy Gibson, Malcah Yaeger and others.
(E, LVC, A, D) Confluence Center Grant for the collection and analysis of CallHome Style phone calls, between grandparents and adolescent grandchildren. Co-PI: Ana Carvalho.
(E, LVC, A) Linguistic variation as evidence of (c)overt attitudes toward speakers’ group identification—with Andy Gibson, Cece Cutler & others, for Lg&Communication, or Journal of Sociolinguistics.
(D) Cross-cultural and cross-regional disagreement strategies in English & Japanese a conversation analytical and corpus analytical analysis (with Shoji Takano, in Hokkaido, and with Carol Rinnert and her group at University of Hiroshima)
(D) Prosodic variation within and across communities.  An older relevant ppt can be found HERE
(LVC) articles on situational variation in Hebrew, and on phonological change in real time.
(LVC) Formulating an expanded questionnaire protocol, and more appropriate IRB standards, and social psychological standards for corpora gathered at LDC; as well as a way to computerize the determination of speakers’ dialect (with Chris Cieri).
(LVC; E) Encoding & integrating corpora from various social situations & various regions into a larger corpus (with Chris Cieri)